How to Choose the Right Chemical Storage Cabinet?

How to Choose the Right Chemical Storage Cabinet?

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Hey, have you ever walked into a storage room full of chemicals and wondered how flammable and destructive they can be?

If yes, then you may have noticed a strong, lasting chemical smell in the air or even encountered a close call with a chemical spill or fire. If you find any of these relatable, it is high time to closely watch out for your chemical storage practices.

Each chemical possesses different independent hazards; if any non-compatible chemicals get accidentally mixed with each other, the risks may be even higher than imagined.

So, before selecting the right chemical storage cabinet, a complete storage strategy must be devised. Every engineering/ maintenance, safety, and materials handling team member should be involved in planning the storage and ensuring compliance with the relevant standards.

Choosing the right chemical safety cabinet demands careful consideration of numerous factors, let's have a look one by one -

● Thoroughly Understand your chemicals
Every chemical possesses unique features, so it is very important to store these chemicals separately as per their groups. Noncompatible group chemicals can create hazardous situations if mixed together. To prevent such cases, MSDS (material safety data sheet) must be easily accessible and available to everyone. GHS (Globally Harmonized System) Pictograms on chemical boxes also help identify and understand the risks associated with chemicals at first glance. It is important to clearly instruct and communicate specified storage requirements to all stakeholders, including physical features such as Flash Point, Boiling Point, etc.

● Adherence to Safety Regulations and Standards
There are specially designed US standards for chemical storage safety. It is essential to follow these safety standards to avoid unwanted risky situations. Two of the standards are NFPA 30 Chapter 9.5.3 and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 for storing flammable liquids. Be sure to confirm if the chemical safety cabinet is tested and certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or FM (Factory Mutual) for best performance and reliability assurance. The chemical storage strategy must be aligned with the overall safety strategy and principles of the place where you want to keep chemicals.

● Storage Capacity and space limitations
Evaluate the storage capacity of the chemical safety cabinet according to the volume and type of the chemical you want to store. To ensure your safety cabinet fits in your workspace perfectly and seamlessly, make sure to check out the space limitations it has. Additionally, assessing features like spill containment trays, alarm systems, adjustable shelves, and auto-locking mechanisms will help you make a wise decision. These are minor features but can play an integral role in improving comfort and overall safety.

● Structure and Material Check
Chemical safety cabinets are made using different materials, such as steel, polyethylene, or a mix of both. Here, you need to check the material properties in the cabinets you intend to use in terms of chemical resistance power, strength, durability, and compatibility with the chemical you want to store in the safety cabinet. To prevent potential fire incidents, check on the fire resistance rating of the chemical storage cabinets along with containment properties. Also, make sure to select the safety cabinets as per the different levels of corrosiveness of the chemicals you want to store.

● Ventilation and Filtration
Proper ventilation is very important for preventing dangerous vapors, checking personnel safety, and ensuring the air quality is well maintained. Consider the available ventilation choices depending on your requirements. High-quality filters and ducted ventilation systems in chemical safety cabinets are very important when it comes to maintaining a safe working environment.

● Installation and Maintenance
It is crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for correctly installing and placing chemical safety cabinets. Ensure that chemical storage cabinets are arranged away from incompatible chemicals in a ventilated area. In such cases, regular inspection of hinges, seals, ventilated systems, and maintenance routines are required to ensure better cabinet functionality. Ensure complete training is provided to all the related individuals about the proper use of safety cabinets, risks associated with chemicals, the importance of safety cabinets, and compliance with safety standards.

● Supplier Selection and Considerations
Give good research before you opt for any supplier specialized in safety cabinets. Go for suppliers having positive customer feedback, a proven track record, and expertise in offering reliable chemical safety cabinet options for different requirements. Check on other factors like a customer support system, warranty range, and spare parts or accessories availability. Ask the supplier to provide thorough product info to make sure the safety cabinets meet your specific needs. To make an informed decision, reach out to multiple suppliers with good ratings and compare the final quotations.

● Cost Concerns and ROI
In the end, assess the cost of chemical storage cabinets along with installation charges. Do not forget to consider the possible long-term benefits that come with switching to the right chemical safety cabinets. This includes lesser insurance premium charges, reduced loss of valuable materials, and reduced downtime due to casualties or equipment malfunctioning.
Evaluate the (ROI) by comparing the price of safety cabinets with the benefits & savings they offer. Our well-designed safety cabinet that satisfies your requirements will deliver a higher ROI via improved safety and efficient practices.

Choosing the right safety cabinet is the most important step toward maintaining safety and compliance at your workplace. This blog post serves as a guide to help you understand the core factors to make an informed decision. We at Eco Solutions ME deliver a wide range of compliant, robust, and reliable cabinet safety solutions. Visit our website at Eco Solutionsto explore our product range and find the perfect chemical storage cabinet for your specific requirements.

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